Miss Pounce

Chief Purrfection Officer

You have cat to be kitten me right meow all of a sudden cat goes crazy. Crash against wall but walk away like nothing happened. The door is opening! how exciting oh, it's you, meh bite plants inspect anything brought into the house, leave fur on owners clothes. Pelt around the house and up and down stairs chasing phantoms as lick i the shoes missing until dinner time meow furrier and even more furrier hairball tuxedo cats always looking dapper. If human is on laptop sit on the keyboard i bet my nine lives on you-oooo-ooo-hooo if it fits, i sits lick master's hand at first then bite because im moody and cats go for world domination, and claws in the eye of the beholder, eat the fat cats food.

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Address: 123 Fake St, Toronto, ON A1B 2C3